The Cosmic Conflict

For the evolutionist the world is happenchance and our future is at the mercy of whatever fate befalls us, like an iceberg being tossed around in a sea of climate change that will eventually melt…life is uncontrollable.

For others, destiny, fate, karma, free will – these forces ultimately influence where we come from, what we are doing and where we are going. They determine our past, present and future.

Dr Gregory A Boyd, pastor, professor and author of “God At War” presents an interesting perspective on the realities of a spiritual realm that has definite consequences on our physical world. Examining the Biblical account against the many spiritual stories and mythologies of world cultures, he determines that God exists, and a host of spiritual forces, both good and evil are in conflict, and these spiritual beings have direct influence on our everyday lives.

We get a sneak peak at this theology in the Old Testament book of Daniel, chapter 10. We find Daniel, the central character of this book mourning, fasting and praying for 3 weeks. In verse 9 Daniel falls into a deep sleep and is awoken by a heavenly being who in summary says the following, “Do not be afraid, your prayers were heard 3 weeks ago and I have come in response, but the prince of the Kingdom of Persia was withstanding me for 21 days, but after help from Michael, Our Chief Prince, I have now arrived to give you understanding, then I must return to the fight, for the Prince of Greece is about to come.”

What this fascinating Biblical passage is essentially saying is:
• Our earthly prayers are heard and responded to in the spiritual realm;
• In the spiritual realm there are spiritual beings, with free will and power who oppose each other;
• Physical battles on earth are somehow connected to what is happening in the spiritual realm; and • Daniel was being cared for and supported by Godly beings in spiritual realm.

So what the Egg McMuffin has all that got to do with your business? Simple, life is a battle, business is warfare, and if you are suffering defeats and casualties, then you need to stop, regroup and go out there and win the day.

I have had many experiences in the spiritual realm, and seen first hand the supernatural battles that take place in that realm and in ours. I know that if you are to succeed, then you need to understand this spiritual realm, you need to know why you are under attack, you need to know how these spiritual adversaries work…and you need to enlist all the spiritual help you can get, to ultimately see victory.

Every culture in the world, knows and understands the spiritual realm, only over the past few hundred years have western nations with the evolution of enlightened philosophy, scientific progress and educated teaching, concealed the true nature of the spiritual realities that influence our daily lives and our futures. Unless you come to know and understand these things, you can never be truly free to succeed in business.

Tony Elshof
Tony Elshof
I’m a Wollongong boy, and absolutely love the coastal life. I’m married to Michelle, and we have two beautiful children, Joshua and Ariel. I believe the meaning of life can be summed up in 10 words, “Find God, discover His purpose for your life, follow it!”
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